Thursday, September 20, 2012

State of New Mexico Adopts HERS Index Score as Compliance Option to State Energy Code

The State of New Mexico has adopted a HERS Index Score option to the prescriptive path of the New Mexico Energy Conservation Code.  The New Mexico Energy Conservation Code was amended to be based on the 2009 version of the International Conservation Code (IECC).  The 2009 IECC was amended to allow HERS Index Score target as a option compliance path.  The revised code specifies a HERS Index Score of 83 or less for climate zone 3 (southern portion of the state) and a HERS Index Score of 89 or less in other parts of the state.  The regulation requires that the HERS Index Score must be confirmed by a certified RESNET home energy rater such as Go Green NM LLC. 

The other significant change that the State of New Mexico adopted was determining climate zones based on altitude and not just the DOE latitude map.  So New Mexico went from having three Climate Zones  (3-5) to having five (3-7)
The effort to adopt a HERS Index Score compliance was led by the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association, Build Green New Mexico and the state’s home energy raters.

The State of New Mexico's action demonstrates the growing momentum of code jurisdictions adopting the HERS Index Score as a performance based code compliance option and the growing number of local home builder associations supporting this movement.  Visit for more information.

Monday, January 9, 2012

City of Taos NM Modifies City's Building Energy Code by Adopting HERS 70 or Better

In September 2009 the Taos Town Council adopted the High Performance Program as part of the community’s Vision 2020 Master Plan.  The High Performance Program modified the town’s building energy code to require a HERS Index on all new homes.

When the requirement went into effect, the code required a HERS Index of 85 or better for homes that were 3,000 square feet or larger.  On January 1, 2010 the code was revise to require a HERS Index of 80 or better for all homes.  On January 1, 2011 the HERS Index target was moved to 75 or better.  On January 1, 2012 the requirement was tightened to a HERS Index of 70 or better.
In adopting the HERS Index requirement The Taos Town Council found that “energy rating systems and high performance building standards are now in widespread use to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs”.

For more information on the Taos energy code requirement visit

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